Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder for Industry: A New Standard in Industrial Equipment

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Introducing a breakthrough in industrial machinery, the Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder designed specifically for the industry. This powerful device is brand new and comes with a robust 1.5-year warranty. Weighing in at 40 KG, this hydraulic cylinder is ideal for application in a host of industries including manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, farms, construction works, and the energy & mining sector.

Designed and built to a standard specification, the hydraulic cylinder boasts of a solid piston cylinder structure powered by hydraulic pressure. The body of the cylinder is crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring longevity and durability in the most demanding conditions. The color of the cylinder can be customized as per the client’s request, adding a personal touch to this industrial device. The cylinder has gained acknowledgment with an ISO9001:2008 certification, underscoring its superior quality and adherence to international standards.

Beyond its basic structure, the Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder is equipped with many notable features. Its working pressure ranges from 7Mpa to 21Mpa, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications. The materials used in the construction of the cylinder include 20#/45# Steel, and the seals are from Hallite, renowned for their quality. The cylinder is backed by video technical support service after the warranty period, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.

Choosing EVER-POWER’s Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder: Quality and Trust

At EVER-POWER, we take pride in the quality and performance of our products. Our Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder is no exception. This product is not just a piece of machinery but a promise of efficiency, durability, and reliability. With its high tensile strength rods, chrome-plated for extra hardness, and dual ports for greater flexibility, our hydraulic cylinder is designed to deliver consistent high performance.

Our hydraulic cylinder comes with a variety of features that set it apart in the market. The rod cap and end clevis are made of ductile castings; the piston seal is a Nitrile 90 durometer “O” ring, designed to eliminate leakage. The wiper seal is crafted from nitrile rubber, and a split backup ring protects the “O” ring for lasting operations. Each detail is designed with the aim of providing an efficient, durable, and reliable product to our customers.

Championing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, EVER-POWER offers a range of hydraulic cylinders to choose from, each with varying specifications to suit different needs. Our products are available for shipping from Qingdao or other ports in China, packaged securely in plywood and iron cases to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Experience the EVER-POWER Difference Today

EVER-POWER’s Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and efficient products. Whether for manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, farms, construction works, or the energy & mining sector, our hydraulic cylinder is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose EVER-POWER and experience the extraordinary.

Take the first step towards a more efficient, reliable, and powerful industrial operation today. Explore our range of hydraulic cylinders, and let EVER-POWER’s products make a significant difference in your industry.


  1. What industries can use the Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder?
    The Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder is suitable for manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, farms, construction works, and the energy & mining sector.
  2. What is the warranty period for the Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder?
    The Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder comes with a 1.5-year warranty.
  3. What after-sales service does EVER-POWER provide?
    EVER-POWER provides video technical support after the warranty period.

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